The Assessment People – Collaborating to Build Excellence

The Assessment People are a group of leaders and experts in the assessment industry. We have come together to mutually raise the expectations and standards of quality surrounding workplace assessment tools and their utilization. We believe that to achieve the best outcomes, those that empower people and organizations, it is important to set a high […]

Understanding DISC Assessments

DISC Assessments

Assessment tools incorporating the DISC methodology provide the means and vocabulary for measuring and understanding how an individual will respond to their default behavioral needs in different circumstances, including at work. DISC empowers members of your team by showing them their natural and adapted behavior styles. This gives them the ability to be intentional in […]

Understanding Motivators

Understanding motivators gives you insights into the fundamental drivers that influence how individuals engage with their tasks and coworkers. Equipped with this knowledge a savvy manager can optimize their team for productivity and success, and an individual can learn to steer their choices for the best and most fulfilling work life possible. Every person has […]