Unlocking the power of people

The Power of People DISC Styles

Understanding the power of reliable and validated assessments is the key to improving team performance and empowering individuals to excel.

Why is it challenging for companies to take full advantage of the strengths of their people? We find many do not know how to properly analyze objective data on the behavioral styles, motivational drivers, and emotional intelligence of their employees.

Data doesn’t have insights. It is just data. It needs to be analyzed and interpreted by a trained person to evaluate the context of the work environment and the employee’s role, authority, and interactions. To acquire the skills needed to accurately interpret assessment data takes high-quality training that is grounded in solid science.

Our role as The Assessment People is to evaluate the quality of assessments available and to deliver proper, action-oriented training of these tools to HR trainers, performance coaches, consultants, and other specialists. We certify that one learns more than just the ability to administer assessments; we ensure that they are capable of applying and interpreting proven human capital models to develop actionable plans to align the individual employee’s talents with the goals of the business.

The Assessment People seal is the designation earned by undergoing rigorous, interactive instruction in a ‘train the trainer’ program. We do this so that organizations can be confident in the quality of the coaches and trainers they work with because they know they have been taught by instructors who trace their lineage to the innovators and originators of the models. Memorizing content is not the goal. Instead, application and ROP…Return on People is the mission. The value of the organization is impacted by the investment in its people.