Judy Suiter

“Dynamic, supercharged, a walking encyclopedia, compassionate with an emphasis on passion — a passion for work, for people and for life in general.” These are words used by a friend to describe Judy Suiter, whose company’s motto “Be daring, be first, be different” is also her personal credo.

Judy founded Competitive Edge, Inc., in 1981 and served as the company’s president until 2019. She started the business with only $58.38 in cash and grew it into the top internationally recognized human resources training and consulting company it is today.

Judy remains one of the most sought-after trainers for Competitive Edge, specializing in Train-the-Trainer, management certification, team building, leadership certification, sales certification, emotional intelligence certification, communication certification, consulting for professionals and professional speaking.

Judy is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Psychology, Business Administration and Sociology. She has over 640 hours of advanced study in behavioral sciences and organizational development.