The Assessment People – Collaborating to Build Excellence

The Assessment People are a group of leaders and experts in the assessment industry. We have come together to mutually raise the expectations and standards of quality surrounding workplace assessment tools and their utilization.

We believe that to achieve the best outcomes, those that empower people and organizations, it is important to set a high bar for the quality of education for the coaches, trainers, HR professionals, and consultants who make use of workplace assessment tools. Whether the entity is a business, NGO, municipality, or government department, it is vital that there is confidence in the reliability and actionability of the information obtained through the assessment process. The tools must be understood and selected to suit the intended purpose, and the people administering the tools must know how to properly interpret the data they reveal.

In this blog we will occasionally be sharing information on various kinds of assessments as well as introducing the terminology and concepts behind various tools. Watch this space for future articles and thought leadership from our team.

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